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The life of towns, much like those of their residents, often turns on dreams and aspirations. Sometimes they come true; all too often they fall short. Andover’s evolution from an agricultural settlement to an industrial center to a commuter-oriented suburb is marked by dreams realized and ne…

The path of Andover’s 375-year history winds through the most curious of places. Today’s frantic pace of living too often leaves little time to wonder how a cluster of buildings, an historic homes, or a scenic forest grove standing along the banks of a river once played their role in Andover…

Although not a separate zip code, Ballardvale still retains a unique identity. Abbott Village, which at one time functioned much like Ballardvale, has been relegated to a distant memory.

This Saturday, October 16, the town celebrates the history, culture, trails, games and food of Ballardvale with tours and a peak at the outside of the new Ballardvale Fire Station.

Note: This story by Don Robb shows how Progress sometimes has Human Costs. The property photos are those of Joan Patrakis’ parents, the Silvas.

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