Editor, Townsman:

I wanted to express my disappointment with the APS adminstration and School Committee at the application decline for Fusion.

I understand they have a legal obligation to review all schools that apply to open in Andover, and that they found differences from APS.

But it’s also their obligation to meet the needs of all students in Andover. Currently we have 3 “alternative” schools to public middle and high school.

Phillips Academy, Pike School and Montessori. All these schools cater to elite students and are difficult to get into.

Yet, when I needed a different type of education for my daughter, I had to get in my car and drive to Amesbury for an environment in which she could be successful. Not having a nurse was considered discriminatory, but isn’t offering only one type of education in town also discriminatory?

My children have had experiences in APS that have ranged from great to awful. They’ve had wonderful, understanding teachers and teachers who couldn’t grasp that they needed to do things differently.

There are many students who thrive in our public schools, but even with a nurse and psychologists in every school and with the best of intentions children are often lost in the shuffle in a large school environment. This school system spends a lot of time talking about diversity and differences.

In our own families we have children who are completely different from each other. We need to accept that many children do not learn best by sitting at a desk for six hours a day with 25 other kids. That some children cannot thrive when they have to deal with crowded hallways and cafeterias. For many parents, their middle of the night worries are not about if their child is going to get into the right college, they’re worried about their child just making it through the next school day. I don’t know what happens with Fusion Andover from here, but I urge you to really consider what you might do if faced with a child who was suffering in public school.

Heather Ferro

12 Alonesos Way





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