Editor, Townsman:

What does justice mean to you?

Philip Chism raped and brutally murdered Colleen Ritzer. He stuffed her body in a trash barrel and dumped her in the woods.

He is now on trial for the attempted murder of a Department of Youth Services employee.

The defense is claiming mental illness.

Chism is serving a 40 years to life jail sentence while Colleen Ritzer is dead and buried, never to draw a breath, see the sunshine or enjoy any worldly pleasure. Will he be declared mentally sane in 40 years, or sooner?

Would you want him to eventually go free and settle in your neighborhood? Would any women be safe?

What if he knocked on your door?

Why are we willing to feed and shelter this murderer at our expense?

Why experiment with his mental rehabilitation?

Why waste these valuable resources? Many would say we have evolved, become more compassionate, no longer feel the need to retaliate. Others would say Philip Chism should pay the ultimate prices for his crime. Justice demands the death penalty.

Douglas Demoulas

9 Partridge Hill Road



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