Editor, Townsman:

In case some of you missed it, the latest crime drama has taken the nation by rage…literally. With characters like Clapper, Brennen and Comey you might think you were watching episodes of The Three Stooges except this storyline involves high level “dirty cops.” Don’t get me wrong, I love our police officers and military service men and women. Every time I see them in public I thank them for what they do, and behind the scenes, donate to their charitable organizations. You see, living securely under the “rule of law” as we do in America is a privilege I hold dear. None of us should take it for granted.

However, when high level officials at the FBI, CIA, DOJ (and God knows where else) get in bed with corrupt politicians and partisan media operatives seriously bad episodes unfold on the national scene.

If you haven’t been paying attention, here is what has been played out lately: With the utmost hubris, a group of individuals decided who should win an election and more specifically who should not.

Using the vast powers of government and the almost unimaginable investigative tools available to them, the “in crowd” officials sought to undermine one candidate and his organization by injecting spies (like Stefan Halper) into the campaign.

They created a story line that involved collusion with Russians to influence an election. They hired spin doctors and law firms who in turn hired foreign spies to write a dirty dossier that they leaked to some complicit media operatives whose reporting legitimized the false story which helped sell the fake Russian Collusion hoax replete with hookers and other dark dealings.

Spies tried to entrap the candidate and his people in other crimes but they failed…to their horror, the wrong candidate won…the ensuing investigations failed to impeach the winner…and here we are.

When lawmakers and law enforcers are allowed to work together to become law breakers…none of us are safe…one night they come after me…the next after you…as a nation we fought a revolution to get away from such tyranny, let’s hope we don’t have to fight another.

Roy H. Dobbelaar

8 Moreland Ave




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