Editor, Townsman: 

I am writing to support the candidacy of Annie Gilbert for Andover selectman. In fact, I am strongly urging us all to consider this very experienced and thoughtful citizen to become a member of our town’s leadership team.

Andover is entering a very exciting era where town officials, under the direction of a still-new town manager, our vibrant school community, and an invigorated business environment, are yearning to work together to help make Andover the best place to work and live in America. Someone with the special skill set, relevant experience and vigorous participation in Town activities, someone like Annie Gilbert, can have a huge impact on the lives of our families and children as we pursue old and new pathways to the future.

Among other attributes she brings to the town, Annie has been very active with our all-important school program over the years. Inasmuch as the school budget is the largest departmental allocation we have, it is particularly beneficial to have someone with meaningful experience, such as Annie, serving on the Board of Selectmen. Her many years of productive work in the school system can only benefit us all as we address the challenging issues going forward.

When I served as the chairman of the town’s Economic Development Council, I had multiple opportunities to seek Annie’s counsel on matters relating to important economic matters such as the creation of the exciting Historic Mill District, the disposition of the town hard, our parking issues, etc. She always had an inquisitive mind, an extremely positive attitude, and a penchant to get things done for the benefit of all.

Today there are multiple issues to grapple with, one of which is to restore the proper tone of civil discourse in our discussions, which are a core part of Annie’s platform and one which I heartily endorse. Granted, Andover will continue to have challenges in the years ahead, but it will also have ample opportunities to expand its quality of life, its school system, and its town services. Annie is the type of person we want to help lead the way.

I, for one, think Andover can be the best place to work and live under the leadership of our Board of Selectmen. The addition of Annie to that board would be exceptional.

Tim Vaill


9 Bancroft Road




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