Editor, Townsman:
 In the current political climate of emotions, anger and personal vendettas, I want to propose that we take a deep breath and start to repair the cracks in our town government.
 There are good reasons why people are emotional, and even angry; there is no excuse for personal name-calling. As we approach another town election, I am looking for candidates who demonstrate an ability to identify and solve, rather than to exacerbate, the problems which confront, and divide, us.
 It is for that reason that I am supporting Annie Gilbert for Selectman. I have worked with Annie over the years, and while I have not always agreed with her decisions on the School Committee, I have always found her to be a person of deep thoughtfulness and unfailing courtesy.
 When I have challenged her on various topics, she has always been forthcoming with an explanation based on her careful observations, and her own view of what will be best for the town. For that I respect her, even when we may disagree.
 I am especially aware that under her leadership, the School Committee first made real efforts to reduce the rapid expansion of the school budget. In today's tight financial times, that is at least a start.
 Most of all, though, I am convinced that Annie has both the foresight to recognize the broader issues that need addressing, not just the concerns of the schools, and also the patience to seek real solutions, as well as the leadership to help forge the compromises we must inevitably make.
 Those are qualities sorely needed today on the Board of Selectmen, and I therefore urge a vote for Annie, because I believe she will be an asset to the board and to the town.
 Don Robb

36 York St.

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