Editor, Townsman:

In response to neighbors opposed to the Andover High School sign proposal ("Electric high school sign: Solution or eyesore?" Townsman, Nov. 29): My sister and I grew up in Andover and attended the high school before the renovations of the 1990s. We became accustomed to the way Andover looks, acts and is perceived by others. So, when we moved to New Hampshire six and three years ago, we had to learn to adjust to a new community and neighborhood.

We are disappointed to read that some high school neighbors are opposed to a sign like the one at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, N.H., pictured as an example in the article. If anyone has driven past Pinkerton Academy, they know that comments made by a neighbor in the article are simply not true: "James Delaney said the only comparable signs that he could think of in town were for Shawsheen Plaza and the Chateau Restaurant. The restaurant's sign is visible while driving on Interstate 93.... [Delany said,] 'I just don't think (the current sign proposal) would fit in with the neighborhood. If the school was in an industrial park or right by the side of the highway, that would work.'"

Pinkerton is located on Bypass 28 in Derry, N.H. The street is lined with houses, antique stores, old school buildings, houses from the early part of the 1900s that the school owns, and rolling hills with wooded areas. The Pinkerton Academy sign is a simple, non-intrusive structure that introduces the buildings to passers-by and reminds parents and students of upcoming events.

We believe Andover High School would benefit from a sign similar to the Pinkerton Academy sign. It would be a nice addition to Shawsheen Road. The memory of Andover High School has not been the same for us since the image of the Warrior in full head-dress was taken away. It would be a great addition to the school to have a tastefully planned, simple structure with a scrolling sign as an introduction to visitors of Andover High School.

The benefits gained from a sign that can inform parents of upcoming events would be tremendous. Giving visitors a sense of what Andover High School stands for starts at the entrance and what better way to introduce the school than with an impressive and informative new sign. We ask neighbors to reconsider their stance on the proposal of the sign for Andover High School.

Melissa Romig Leeds

Jennifer Romig Woods

Derry, N.H.

The writers are graduates of Andover High School.

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