Editor, Townsman:

Sobhan Namvar resigned his position as community support coordinator because he was the victim of “racist remarks and threats.”

He had to leave a former town position for the same reason.

Neither resignation, apparently, stirred outrage or a subsequent police investigation to find and punish the perpetrators.

Instead Town Manager Andrew Flanagan and Police Chief Patrick Keefe are merely “saddened” by the current resignation and move on.

The response to Namvar’s resignation, or lack of one, as reported by the Townsman, emboldens others to racially attack a colleague, town official or neighbor without consequence.

As an Andover resident, I find this alarming.

It has shaken my trust in the police and those in town government. Town officials essentially condoned the reason Namvar stated for his resignation by doing nothing about it; that is shameful and it is frightening.

Peggy Rambach


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