Editor, Townsman:

Since my mom died over a year ago, my now-83-year-old father has lived alone in his Andover home of 40 years. During the late evening of Jan. 3 (an extremely cold night), he walked down his driveway, slipped, fell and shattered his hip. He could see few lights on and many are away for the winter anyway. He started to yell for help.

A neighbor’s son happened to be outside but they live nearly a half mile away down another road.

Michael Kenny told his mother he would get back in his truck and start driving until he could find the person in trouble. Not only did he find my dad and call for an ambulance, he got him back into his home, which required getting him up a steep driveway and the garage steps. I imagine that getting him up into a truck would have been impossible.

My father said, “It wasn’t just everything he did for me, it’s that he was so kind.”

I asked my father if I could write this letter and he encouraged me to do so. He said not only did he want to recognize Mr. Kenny for being the miracle that his mother has always known him to be, but he wanted to encourage others to be as kind and giving. Mr. Kenny had lots of choices that night: to ignore the sounds, to call 911 from the comfort of his warm home and let them figure it out, to find my father and wait for help, or to do what he did.

He did not know how long my father had been sitting there and he was freezing. He went above and beyond what I think most of us would do.

There are many elderly people living alone in our neighborhoods. When the sun sets, it is a long and lonely night. Do you know who they are? Do you stop and say “Hello” when you see them sitting out in the sun in the afternoon? Do you check on them? Would you answer a stranger’s call for help late in the night?

Thank you, Mr. Kenny, for saving our dad’s life and for reminding all of us how to act. For those of us who worry over our elderly parents who are committed to staying in their homes, we can only hope for the kindness of strangers like you.

Lisa Lindsay

Wilton, Maine

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