Editor, Townsman:

I have worked with Annie Gilbert on several recent projects and have seen firsthand the skills she brings to the School Committee and her incredible commitment to the community. Two examples make the case for Annie’s re-election.

Andover High School’s Environmental Sustainability Internship Course is one such highly successful project. (“Assignment: To make a difference,” Andover Townsman, Jan. 28). From the start, Annie worked with the team of educators and volunteers to support this innovative project-based learning program. Annie helped gain support from the administration, served as a mentor to the students, delivered top-rated content to the class and presented with the intern/teacher team to this year’s Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers Conference. The students have high respect for Annie as a teacher and a role model.

The project to build the new Bancroft School is a second example, as we worked together to assure a great, sustainable school. Annie’s skills served us well, quickly helping us build understanding and involvement in the process, showing us the ropes on how to work with the School Building Committee, the architects and the builders. In turn, we looked to Annie’s leadership to build community support for the emerging design. We hope everyone has a chance to visit this remarkable school, speak to the teachers and the students, and get a sense of how well this project has turned out.

Please vote for Annie Gilbert on March 24.

Steve Fink

Founder, Sustainable Andover

Volunteer administrator, Environmental Sustainability Internship Course

26 Bateson Drive


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