Editor, Townsman:

The headline on page 1 of the Nov. 27 edition of the Andover Townsman, “Town budget battle; Manager’s ‘first step’ could almost double taxes,” is irresponsibly inflammatory.

Did the editor read the article before approving the headline?

The article itself states that “... the fiscal 2016 budget would represent a 3.3 percent hike over the current budget ....” Later, the same article states that this would represent “... an average of $100 to $200 per household.”

Where is the doubling?

This headline is an outrageous abdication of truth in journalism for which the editor should apologize to the Townsman’s readers.

Selectman Vispoli, likewise, should apologize to Andover’s townspeople for putting out this notion in his remarks at the meeting as quoted in the Townsman.

We as readers of the Townsman and townspeople of Andover must rely on our media and elected officials for truth in what they say and put in print.

Sheldon S. Cohen

700 Bulfinch Drive


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