Editor, Townsman:

My vote for the open seat on the School Committee will be for Lauren Conoscenti, and I encourage everyone to support her as well.

I got to know Conoscenti four years ago when she and her family joined the Andover Community Garden. Her enthusiasm for gardening underlines one of her strengths: she will keep tinkering on a gardening problem until she resolves the issue and gets something working.

She and Maddy, her daughter, have been so helpful to our garden members by undertaking Girl Scout activities that aid with the upkeep of our High Plain location. Further, when there isn’t a pandemic, her whole family is out there for our various maintenance activities because she and they know that a functioning community works together to meet its goals.

Being a numbers kind of person, we can be assured that, if elected, Conoscenti’s approach to the Andover School Committee will be guided by the best research and analysis that is available to her.

But we all know that data is only one, albeit important, element of decision making. Having the openness and curiosity to hear all sides of a matter play an important role in decision making concerning our schools as well.

This is where the trouble-shooting mindset of the gardener comes in: listen to and distill conflicting advice, learn from and be guided by the best available information, and then make independent decisions.

Andover will be lucky to have Lauren Conoscenti’s skills.

Ann Knowles




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