Editor, Townsman:

I am a 27-year resident of Andover writing on behalf of Dan Kowalski for selectman. Dan steps up to the plate to lead and take on responsibility; his actions over the last three years have clearly shown that. Most importantly, Dan has fought for transparency, open government and fiscal responsibility.

In the area of transparency, Dan has advocated many things — making executive session meeting minutes available on the town website (that had been unavailable for years), ensuring all Board of Selectman votes are in the Finance Committee book for Town Meeting, and developing the process used to evaluate the town manager. This process ensures that our next town manager knows exactly what is expected of the position.

In the area of fiscal responsibility, Dan has leveraged his professional knowledge to introduce a new "internal audit" function in the town of Andover. Dan works in an audit function in his professional career and understands the importance of auditing how money is spent. This internal audit function will ensure there is accountability of how taxpayer dollars are spent.

I didn't realize Dan's many accomplishments in his current term and his future vision until I reviewed his website, danforselectman.com. His website provides a wealth of information. Vote for the candidate who has been actively involved in the community, is well respected, thinks with an open mind and has helped lead Andover down a better path.

Vote "Dan Kowalski for Selectman" on Tuesday, March 24, for Andovers sake.

Bill Alcott

22 Yardley Road



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