Editor, Townsman:

I strongly support Bob Landry for the Board of Selectmen. I have been following Bob’s efforts both through his website, townofandover.com, and at Town Meetings over the past few years and I think he has demonstrated the type of leadership Andover needs right now.

Unlike most elected officials who simply talk about controlling spending, Bob tried to do something about it. At last year’s Town Meeting, he came up just nine votes short for his health insurance amendment that would have saved taxpayers $1 million per year. Bob had the courage to speak out publicly and criticize the teachers union for blocking a common-sense change for town employee health insurance from Blue Cross to Tufts.

Some of my friends in town have asked me if Bob supports the schools, given his criticism of the teachers union at Town Meeting. I know he supports the schools. Bob has two young children in the Andover school system and I have two young grandchildren who will be attending Andover schools soon.

Bob is simply trying to stop wasteful spending so that the town will be able to afford the services residents need and want, while keeping property taxes affordable for all of us.

Please make sure to vote for Bob Landry on Tuesday, March 24.

Maureen Keller

8 Fosters Pond Road


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