Editor Townsman:

I am writing to respectfully invite you to join me in voting for Bob Landry, candidate for selectman. I met Bob two years ago through our friend, Greg Rigby, as they started TownofAndover.com. I have had numerous conversations with Bob over these past two years as he has worked diligently to develop an understanding of how the Andover town government functions and the various issues Andover faces on both the municipal and school side of government.

I’ve been impressed with the level of Bob’s research, his willingness to ask hard questions in a direct and respectful manner as well as his commitment to transparency of government. Bob brings an analytical, data-driven approach, with a lot of common sense to the table and is motivated by a desire to improve our community. He will bring a needed breath of fresh air to the Board of Selectman.

To the surprise of some, Bob is also a very strong supporter of education. He is a parent of students in the school system. Again, he wants to see transparency in the budget; however, he supports funding of well-supported educational initiatives and facilities. He can balance the important priorities of controlling the rate of tax increase with appropriately funding the schools.

On Tuesday, March 24, I ask that you join me in casting a vote for Bob Landry for selectman.

Dennis Forgue

Former School Committee member, chairman

18 Reservation Road


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