Lyons has character, work ethic

Editor, Townsman:

It is not often these days that a man of the caliber and uprightness of Jim Lyons is available for us to vote into public office, but we have one now. I have known him for many years and greatly admire his stable, honest and consistent ability to do the right thing for the right reasons.

He and his wife Bernadette have owned and managed a successful local business for many years. They are hard workers who have built their thriving business from scratch the American way. They have a beautiful family with two handsome teenage sons who mean the world to them and two wonderful and much loved family dogs. Jim and Bernadette truly walk the walk by giving their best in every aspect of their lives. They stand up for the true whenever and wherever the need arises. He is an honorable God-fearing man who has joined the fray of local politics for the sole purpose of helping our communities and our State. He is truthful, personable, intelligent, and talented. I can't think of anyone else who could do the job of state representative with more dedication, honor and trustworthiness.

Theresa Gorey

33 Brown St.

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