Editor: Townsman:

I am writing in support of Brian Major as selectman. I have had the pleasure of knowing Brian for many years and I have seen his significant effort in trying to improve Andover through his position as selectman. Over the last few years, the town of Andover has seen many valuable improvements: the new Bancroft School, Blanchard athletic fields, downtown renovations and the current building of the new Cormier Youth Center. On all of these undertakings, Brian Major has worked tirelessly to make these ideas come to fruition.

Andover continues to need a leader like Brian Major as our selectman. His experience, knowledge and guidance will help Andover continue to thrive, and continue to be a community that we as residents can be proud of. His love of this town and his family keeps him connected and tuned in to what Andover needs. I believe Brian Major has the vision to be our selectman for the future. Brian will strive to work for what is best for the Town and we will continue to benefit from his efforts.

Please join me in supporting Brian Major at the upcoming town elections.

Bill Souza

President, Andover Soccer Association

10 Stratford Road


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