Editor, Townsman:

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan McCready for the past three years on the town-wide PTO and am thrilled that Susan is running for Andover School Committee. Susan is a highly effective communicator and values the importance of a two-way dialogue. Susan is a great listener of all issues and works to find a resolution that works best for all. She worked tirelessly with other parents during the elementary school redistricting process to ensure that the end result had the least disruption to our students. This was a tough task, but Susan demonstrated her ability to collaborate, brainstorm and foster a productive discussion with School Committee members and Andover families.

Susan identified the need for parents to become a more vocal and visual constituency in our annual town budgeting process. Susan is working with the town PTO to organize parent attendance at tri-board meetings to ensure that public school issues are being heard firsthand at these meetings. It is important for all committees (Finance, Board of electmen and School) to work closely together on what is best for the town and best for our children. Susan understands this and will continue to work toward this goal.

I know parents are very involved in our schools today, but it is also important to have their voices heard regularly by the School Committee. Susan knows that strong communication and community outreach are critical to moving our public school system forward. Susan grew up in Andover and has the history of where we have been as a town and where we need to go. She will work hard to serve the interests of all and will not put a personal agenda ahead of what is important for the community.

Susan would be a wonderful addition to the School Committee. Her experiences in serving the schools and attending the Andover school system herself truly make her an asset to the town and to the School Committee. Please join me in voting for Susan McCready on Tuesday, March 24.

Gina Murray

3 Wescott Road


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