Plan for banner across Main Street

Editor, Townsman:

On behalf of the Andover Business Center Association I'd like to recognize Tom Belheumer, the owner of several downtown buildings, for offering, without hesitation, to provide and mount brackets on two of his buildings, on each side of Main Street, for hanging large banners spanning the street.

These banners will announce not-for-profit, and other townwide events as specified in Town Bylaw Article XII, section 44. The bylaw was originally approved without allocating a location or funds for the permanent poles that were specified. Turns out that during the Main Street beautification project, a suitable location was not found, as the poles require going deep underground, and infrastructure got in the way.

However, through Belheumer's generosity, we now have an alternative solution to the method of hoisting and holding the banner securely.

At this time, the ABCA has contacted town officials in the town manager's office, the building department and selectmen for advise on how to best proceed, as it may be necessary to amend the bylaw, which now calls for permanent poles installed for the purpose. Fixing the banner to the side of the buildings is less obtrusive, and requires less maintenance, so we hope that the plan may be amended to allow that. We're hoping to have a banner up by Andover Day on Sept. 25.

Belheumer exhibits a business and community friendly approach, which is rare among landlords. I have heard from every business person who is leasing from Belheumer, only positive things. We hope others learn from his example.

Merit Tukiainen

Chairwoman, ABCA Retail Committee

Owner, Night and Day

63 Park St.

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