Editor, Townsman:

The upcoming election on Nov. 4 promises one of the biggest turnouts in recent history. Great news for democracy, but a little challenging for the rest of us. The increased traffic congestion and limited parking at polling places means longer waits for parking spaces, and more ground level pollution from idling vehicles.

Fortunately, Andover offers a number of options for those who want to think green and plan ahead. For those voting at the Senior Center, walking from downtown is a great option. The town also runs an Election Day shuttle bus that will transport voters to and from a wide range of locations. Go to www.andoverma.gov and click on the Election Information link for shuttle schedules.

If you are voting at Andover High School, and are able to walk short distances, choose the parking lot at West Middle School or the Red Spring Road parking lot behind the turf fields. Other strategies include casting an absentee ballot, carpooling with neighbors, or voting during the less busy mid-day hours, if possible.

A chance to clear your head with a short walk before you vote, to get in and out quickly, and to cast your vote in this important election—thinking green is a win-win for everyone.

Lynn Eikenberry

Judsom Road

Co-Chair, Environmental Action Committee

League of Women Voters Andover/

North Andover

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