One of the athletes covered writes back

Editor, Townsman:

As one of the thousands of kids who played for Andover sports teams over the past 42 years, I want to thank Rick Harrison for being there and recording those events.

From the great to the small, as a kid, seeing your name or your teams’ victory written in black and white was a momentous milestone in a young athlete’s life. It meant you counted, you’ve accomplished something, all the hard work and dedication paid off.

And you could cut the article out and put it on your wall, refrigerator, in your scrapbook. As the years yellow the newsprint, and clippings are long gone, you still have that joy bubble up inside when you think of those younger days on Andover athletic fields.

Thanks to you, Rick, for putting pen to paper and making those memories live on.

As part of the Andover High School football team led by the “Seero to Farnham” connection in the early 1970s, I always enjoyed your articles about our exploits.

And as a member of a Little League team that was far less successful (one year I think we lost all but one game) it was always nice to see you mention the good work of one of our teammates even in yet another devastating defeat ... and that hurt was always mitigated by a post-game ice cream at Friendly’s and the next Thursday’s account of the game in the Townsman.

Although it’s been many years since I’ve lived in Andover, I still check out the Townsman on the Internet and love to see those sports stories.

You served us well, Rick, and I would like to thank you again for your efforts. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Jay Pennick

Van Nuys, Calif.

AHS class of 1973

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