100 Years Ago

June 2, 1916

The old Abbot Homestead Tea Garden will be closed next Wednesday and Thursday, the 7th and 8th of June.

The Andover Shoe Hospital will move in the near future from its present quarters on Bartlett Street to new quarters on Central Street.

The local fire department responded to a call from Box 66 yesterday afternoon about five o’clock when they extinguished a brush fire near the old riding academy in Frye Village. No damage was done.

75 Years Ago

May 29, 1941

Andover’s police force blossomed out on Memorial Day morning in some brand new shirts, the secret which they had carefully guarded from the populace. The shirts are of two tones of blue, tailored to measure and guaranteed to last for several years. They’d better, because each shirt costs $7.35, and you know how many shirts we civilians would get for $7.35! Each officer has two of them—one paid for by himself and one by the Police Association.

Andover is a Republican town. Regardless of how the Republican party has fared in national elections, it has always enjoyed a nice margin of success in this town. Today, on the brink of one of the greatest crises in its history, this Nation is governed by a Democrat. A week ago he proclaimed a National Emergency, and those who are not in the dubious custom of wearing rose colored glasses will agree that such a proclamation was not ill-timed. For it’s no longer peace-time it’s war-time. In these days the smart nation doesn’t wait for the Nazis to declare war; you know that you’re next in line when the Nazi papers start publishing stories about atrocities to Germans by your Nation, and long before that you should take drastic steps to prevent the infiltration of Nazi “tourists,” and to forestall any sabotage, strikes or anything else that would tend to halt production of the things that we need to protect in order to preserve our liberties.

50 Years Ago

June 2, 1966

Norman M. Thomas, for many years the standard bearer of the Socialist party of the United States, will be the commencement speaker for Abbot Academy June 6. At 82, Mr. Thomas is still keenly interested and active in the affairs of this country and the world. He appears at Abbot as the grandfather of one of the graduates. Among the 78 girls receiving diplomas will be eight from Andover.

Miss Catherine M. Barrett, principal of Central School, has asked to be relieved of the added responsibility of serving as principal for students attending Stowe School. Classes are held at Stowe for the overflow enrollment from South School. A teaching principal will be appointed.

Richard K. Gordon of Andover, former special justice and Richard C. Simmers of North Andover are to be paroled June 10 and 11 after serving about a third of their 2-1/2 to 3 year sentences for conspiracy in the Boston Common Garage scandal.

25 Years Ago

June 6, 1991

As the Ballardvale Library closes due to lack of funds, one woman’s role in the library also comes to an end. Ruth Sharpe, 197 Andover St., the librarian at Ballardvale since 1969, is now looking forward to her retirement.

Bob McQuade, Department of Public Works director, told the selectmen Monday night that the DPW staff and state officials are still working on plans to rebuild the Harding Street bridge over the train tracks and that a public hearing will probably be scheduled for the end of June,

Due to a “gracious donation by Marshall’s, fireworks will be part of Andover’s Fourth of July celebration this year, according to Selectman Gerald Silverman. The fireworks will cost $12,000, according to Mr. Silverman, who said he was not sure how much money had been raised to date and how much Marshall’s would be paying.


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