100 Years Ago—July 28, 1916

In the police court Tuesday afternoon Hugh Findeison of 155 Lowell St., Methuen, was fined $10 by Judge Stone on the charge of violating the automobile laws by over-speeding through the Square one day last week.

Francis Adams of Morton Street has left the employ of Myerscough & Buchan and has gone camping in the White Mountains.

The Andover cricket team will play the clan Johnston team on the local cricket field on tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. A close and interesting game is expected.

The Colonial Moving Picture House is closed on Tuesday and Thursday nights this summer.

75 Years Ago—July 31, 1941

One of those ideas which come forth every once in a while from the Lord only knows where came forth the past week when it was suggested, apparently as an aftermath of the telephone toll charge elimination defeat, that Lawrence should annex Shawsheen! The article which made this suggestion suggested: “Shawsheen was a gift to Andover.” Historically and every way else that statement is off. Shawsheen was Frye Village, and Frye Village was a pretty nice piece of old Andover, as nice a piece of old Andover as Shawsheen is a piece of new Andover. Certainly because a section of a town is developed into a beautiful model village is no reason why another city should annex it. Furthermore, who gave Shawsheen to Andover, if it was a gift? Certainly not Lawrence, for a goodly part of Lawrence used to be part of Andover, and not vice versa.

50 Years Ago—July 28, 1966

Thieves got away with 60 cartons of cigarettes and two dozen six-packs of beer over the weekend in a break at Ballardvale Market, located on the ground floor of the Balllardvale Community building. The break was discovered early Monday morning by Patrolman Richard Caldwell and Robert Fanning.

Andover Co-Op Market offered lamb legs for .65 cents/lb.; Swifts premium frankfurters for .65 cents/lb.; grapes .29 cents/lb.; and green peppers 2 lbs. for .29 cents.

Mrs. Waters Kellogg has been named to represent the Conservation Commission on the Historic District Study Committee, Dr. Charles Currier and Fred Cheever will represent the Andover Historical Society.

25 Years Ago—August 1, 1991

Former state Rep. Susan Tucker, D-Andover, receives dozens of phone calls and letters each week from women who have already been helped by the domestic violence legislation she authored and helped push through the Legislature earlier this year… “Traditionally the whole issue of domestic violence has been swept under the carpet,” said Ms. Tucker.

While local landscapers are boosting prices to cover the cost of disposing of wood, brush, and grass clippings outside of Andover, the town is putting together a plan that could allow private operation of the landfill out to bid.

Approximately one month after being confirmed as the best high school baseball team in the state, Massachusetts Division 1 champ Andover held its breakfast awards at the Andover Marriott. Pitcher/outfielder Dave Blank was named Most Valuable Player of the 25-1 squad, the best team in Andover High history and one whose successes can only be matched and never surpassed by future Andover squads.


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