100 Years Ago

June 16, 1916

Monday evening in the Town Hall nearly 200 voters attended the special town meeting, called chiefly to give relief to the residents of Abbott and Marland village from the excessive sewer assessments levied by the Board of Public Works. By the vote of the town at the special meeting held March 31, 1915, the town voted to extend the sewer system to Abbott and Marland Villages and decided to tax the abutters 75 percent of the cost.

Parcels containing tobacco, cigars and cigarettes addressed to the troops in France may be mailed under certain conditions…free of customs duty, provided they are addressed directly and exclusively to the Minister of War who is to have charge of their distribution.

(From a weekly column called McDougall’s Musings)—“I have said little about the war. It is a terrible war. Surely the “pomp, pride, and circumstance of glorious war” may be clearly seen in thousands of dead men lying unburied for weeks around Verdun.  “The glamour and tinsel of preparedness parades and making humanity enjoy the parade when contrasted with the butchery of real war, should make us detest the settling of disputes by war. “

75 Years Ago

June 19, 1941

A pin which was supposed to but didn’t fit into a sliding gear arrangement is believed responsible for a little diversion that the town steam roller had last Friday noon. The roller was proceeding alongside the School Street side of the railroad station heading for the Essex Street crossing when suddenly it got tired of the orthodox methods and decided to back up into the railroad station. Fortunately Hugh F. McGinley of Malden, Railway Express agent, moved out of the way in time.

Mrs. C.B. Martin didn’t get a very good welcome to Andover. She rented the house at 75 Salem St., and on June 12 brought two rugs valued at $90 into the house, leaving them in the cellar. Somebody else saw them and decided not to leave them in the cellar. However, whoever it was apparently heard of the police and landlord investigation and a few days later he again decided to leave them in the cellar.

(Advertisements) Cross Coal Co. 1 Main Street “American Anthracite $14.50 per ton cash; Millers 49 Main Street “Women’s Berkshire Hose 3-4-6-7 thread .79 cents Nylons $1.35; The Hartigan Pharmacy Corner Main and Chestnut streets “Liquid Sunshine and Suntan Cream $1 by Helena Rubinstein; Andover Appliance 41 Main St. “Frigidaire cold wall” refrigerator 6 and 8/10 cu. ft. size $182.75.

50 Years Ago

June 16, 1966

(front page editorial) “We have said it before and we say it again: unless the town is willing, immediately, to supply additional downtown parking space south of Chestnut Street, it would be sheer folly to locate a new town office building on some portion of Andover’s only municipal parking lot. It makes no difference whether advocates of such a move talk about situating a Colonial-style town “hall” up front on the lot where it can contribute to the town image or down back where it will least interfere with parking. It is a solution that would compound one problem to solve another.”

It was reported here Wednesday that Sgt. Joseph Poremba of Andover has been awarded the Bronze Star in ceremonies held at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. The sergeant was wounded by a grenade blast in Vietnam last November as he led a group of men to safety. He has been under treatment for eye injuries since that time.

The Zoning Board has approved construction of seven apartment buildings on Crescent Drive and Haverhill Street in an apartment district. This will be the third phase in the development of a garden complex.

25 Years Ago

June 20, 1991

(Photo caption) “They did it! Andover High School’s varsity baseball team members celebrate their first-ever championship Saturday. The Golden Warriors came from behind at Holy Cross College in Worcester for a 3-2 win against the defending champs, Milford.”

The headboard of a brass bed, a set of English-style saddle stirrups and 40-50 rounds of live ammunition were among the items pulled out of the Shawsheen River Saturday by a group of divers intent on making the river fit for salmon to live in.

Nordic Furs has closed its doors at 27 Barnard St. but those doors will soon re-open for the Taylor Shop or Essex Street in Lawrence, which plans to move into the space and be open by the first full week in August.

Joshua Miner, founder of the Outward Bound education programs in the United States and a long-time Andover resident, was honored by the Andover Chamber of Commerce last Thursday night for a lifetime of helping young people.


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