Editor, Townsman:

According to the article “Looking for a land bridge,” (Townsman, May 19) National Grid has been voluntarily allowing the public to cross land it owns down by the river. 

It appears that National Grid allows anyone to cross its land, not just people who might be trying to access it from land owned by the Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS). The suggestion that the river and the Bay Circuit Trail would somehow be more protected by granting AVIS a legally enforceable right of easement has no basis in reason. 

Further, the idea that the Town should deny National Grid permission to construct new towers and transmission lines if it doesn’t give AVIS those rights, for free, is offensive, and, in my opinion, smacks of the sort of strong arm tactics one should never condone. 

The town shouldn’t, in effect, give any private entity, however well-meaning, what is, in effect, a right of eminent domain. It should be up to National Grid whether it wants to sell AVIS an easement.

Joanne Goulka

14 Heather Drive



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