Editor, Townsman:

In response to Theresa Gorey’s misleading and false claims that are inflammatory about the House Bill 3320 Roe Act:

What the Roe Act, as co-sponsored by Rep. Nguyen and other legislators, does is remove obstacles and expands access to legal abortion, safeguard a woman’s autonomy and right to seek safe and legal access to medical care at any point in her pregnancy from their doctor and medical professionals.

Rather than being a “huge risk” to women, the bill will prevent any politician from intervening in women’s healthcare decisions when they are facing a life-changing, complex and difficult situation. Has Ms. Gorey considered that young women of minority age cannot always get parental consent for abortion? They may be living in shelters, raped by a parent, afraid to get permission and unprepared to carry a pregnancy through. The judicial bypass eliminates this onerous requirement that forces teens to obtain permission from a parent or face a judge in order to access abortion, a huge violation of her privacy, and causes many to delay care, miss school days or travel outside of the state at great expense which they should not have to do.

I urge Ms. Gorey to try harder to understand the issues facing women, particularly poor and of low income.






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