Editor, Townsman:

I was heartened to read about the recent accomplishments in Andover schools concerning MCAS tests. A well done to both students and teachers. Keep it up!

As a substitute teacher in both the middle schools and high school over the past few months, I would like to share some positive observations from my work there.

Students for the most parts are well disciplined, attentive and motivated to get the most out of the educational experience. They also display a natural propensity towards diversity and inclusiveness by how they work with each other. One can't help noticing a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and mutual respect during class group activities.

High school students in the AP classes are indeed remarkable. Watching how they dive into the work with high spirits and energy, one gets the feeling that the country's future is secure. I must add that the materials being pursued would rank as formidable and beyond comprehension to most adults who finished their formal education several decades ago.

And let's not forget the work, inspiration and dedication that the teachers bring to the table. What a fantastic return on investment that the taxpaying citizens of Andover get from this outstanding corps of professionals who ply their skills daily to serve the full range of student needs from special needs to advanced placement and all that comes in between.

A final accolade must be given to the support staff who diligently serve behind the front lines to keep the entire educational mechanism functioning smoothly and efficiently.

In today's extremely busy world, I strongly recommend that parents et al become active observers in keeping our schools on the forefront of the improvement curve.





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