Editor, Townsman:

I am writing in support of Lauren Conoscenti’s election to the Andover School Committee. Because I believe Lauren is the candidate who is most qualified, best prepared and most capable of serving the broad interests of the Andover public school community, I urge my fellow residents to vote for her on March 24.

Since moving to Andover in 2011, Lauren has been actively engaged in numerous school and community organizations, including the South School PTO, A Better Chance of Andover, the Andover Girl Scouts, the Andover Community Garden Association and the South Elementary School Improvement Council, to name just a few. This has enabled her to interact extensively with a wide range of Andover parents, educators and administrators, and to discuss their concerns, as well as their hopes, for Andover’s public schools. It also has allowed her to consider the views of various stakeholders in formulating ideas about the current and future direction of our district.

Prior to finalizing her decision to run for office, Lauren took time to educate herself about the role of the Andover School Committee. She attended or watched numerous School Committee meetings, asked questions of its members and developed an understanding of its functions and scope of authority. In doing so, Lauren established positive relationships with existing members of the School Committee, which will allow her to work collaboratively with them if she is elected. However, Lauren remains an independent-minded, outspoken individual who will not hesitate to challenge her colleagues and advocate for new ideas.

Finally, Lauren will bring a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience to the Andover School Committee. As a former clinician with a Ph.D. in psychology, Lauren understands the value of respectful, empathetic listening and strong communication. As an analyst at a highly respected university, she understands how to make informed, fact-based decisions. And as a member of committees relating to student wellness, she has a unique understanding about the mental and emotional needs of students and young people. Accordingly, I ask you to help elect Lauren Conoscenti to the Andover School Committee.





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