Editor, Townsman:



As the former superintendent of Andover Public Schools, I urge you to vote for Lauren Conoscenti for School Committee. Three people are running for one opening on the committee, and she is — by far — the most qualified. She will bring to the committee her highly crafted skills as a data analyst that includes expertise in data visualization and data communication. She believes good decisions are the product of thoughtful analytic strategy, but equally values effective communication to the community. Lauren would be immensely helpful to the superintendent, and while I was blessed to work with many highly qualified School Committee people, her talents are exceptionable, and I would have been thrilled to have had this expertise on the School Committee.

She has been active in our schools for several years as a member of the South School Improvement Council and South School PTO. Her volunteer work on behalf of young people includes six years as a Girl Scout troop leader and volunteering at the ABC House. She is involved in other town activities, regularly attending Town Meeting, and as a member of the Andover Community Garden Association.

People who know Lauren well describe her as curious, analytic, data driven, logical, a creative problem solver, collaborative and cooperative. Lauren volunteers her time readily and generously, eagerly stepping forward to lend a hand when needed. She is humble, always admitting when she doesn’t know something, and always eager to learn more.

Please vote for Lauren. She will bring solid data analysis skills, significant knowledge of our community, and a strong commitment to supporting our children and schools. She will be a friendly, open, respectful member of the School Committee. And as a mother of two young children, when referring to her commitment to our schools, she often says, with a warm smile, “I am in it for the long haul.”







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