Editor, Townsman:

I write this letter to highlight the importance of the Andover School Committee election on March 24 and to endorse Lauren Conoscenti. As a parent of two elementary school children in our public schools, I believe Lauren is the best candidate to serve on the School Committee and urge readers to vote for her.

Lauren has stellar qualifications ideally suited for the School Committee. She earned her B.A. from Princeton and PhD from Harvard in clinical psychology. She has a decade of experience working at Tufts University as a data scientist analyzing higher-education data. Her data analysis and research helps Tufts decision-makers improve their ranking, attract bright students, and make smart infrastructure decisions in order to improve this premier institution of higher learning. These skills are directly aligned with the goals of improvement for our school district.

I have worked with Lauren on the South School Improvement Council. I can firmly vouch that she has brought her enthusiasm for a data-centric approach to our work. She spearheaded an effort to develop a fifth-grade parent exit survey that will launch later this year. Lauren has a very amiable way of listening to all sides empathetically and keeps an open mind to new ideas and viewpoints

I cannot overstate the importance of electing the most qualified candidate whose expertise, passion and dedication will help improve our school district and town. I urge my fellow Andover residents to vote for Lauren Conoscenti on March 24.





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