Editor, Townsman:

I am writing to endorse Lauren Conoscenti for the Andover School Committee.

Eleven years ago, I met a new neighbor, Lauren Conoscenti, and I was impressed. Working full-time and managing a young family, my first impression of Lauren was as a dynamic, highly intelligent, energetic leader with an independent and positive voice. She shared with me on many occasions her desire to become a part of the Town of Andover, make an impact on her town and serve her community.

Over the years, she took action to see that through. Lauren has become increasingly involved in Andover, serving as a Girl Scout leader and with various school and community organizations. I have seen her work tirelessly as a volunteer at South School, serving on the South School Improvement Council and numerous other committees. I have both admired and been in awe of Lauren’s enthusiasm and her ability to handle many roles and responsibilities — all while juggling a job as a data scientist at Tufts University.

As she takes on this new challenge, Lauren has spent significant time learning about the work of the School Committee, the important issues presently facing our schools, and connecting with Andover residents and leadership to understand their needs. She has also talked with School Committee members in other towns to learn how they have addressed similar challenges. I know that Lauren is open-minded, will analyze each issue, listen and consider all sides, gather and synthesize information, and then make an informed decision. Additionally, she has a terrific ability to bring people together.

Lauren brings a unique skill set to the Andover School Committee and will be a great addition. Please join me in voting for Lauren Conoscenti for School Committee on March 24 to ensure that Andover continues to deliver high-quality education that serves the needs of everyone.





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