Editor, Townsman:

During these times of uncertainty, there is one thing that is certain: Government will continue to operate and our town elections will take place on March 24. I hope you will join me and vote in our town election whether in person or by absentee ballot. As you know, in town elections, every vote counts. A seat can be won or lost by one vote. So it’s important we all do our part to cast our vote for our new leaders.

I am voting for Lauren Conoscenti for School Committee. Lauren is impartial and has a background in data analysis and strategic planning. As our community faces big decisions on large building projects, school start times, and collective bargaining, having a new voice that is impartial and understands planning is crucial.

Impartiality and transparency have always been important to the Andover community. I would be remiss if I didn’t express my concern over the president of the teacher’s union announcing he and the union are endorsing Amy Hafensteiner. Amy has posted this endorsement on her Facebook page and seems unusually aligned with the largest union in town. I worry that union involvement in our political process will destroy the impartiality and transparency we work hard to achieve.

Our leaders must represent all constituents in our school community: children, parents, teachers and the district as a whole. Please join me and cast your vote for Lauren Conoscenti to ensure the impartiality and transparency we need on our School Committee.





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