Editor, Townsman:

The Warrant Article 57 debate at town meeting demonstrated what is right in local politics. 

A weighty zoning decision being pursued by well-intended town officials and residents based primarily on the promise of a tax windfall and an implied strings attached MassWorks grant without factual data, analysis, and consequences was delayed until cooler heads prevailed. 

The winners? All concerned because Andover is a respected brand name throughout our state and region and you saw a rational, methodical path forward to further that reputation. 

Living on Dascomb Road and having attended an informational meeting and the town meeting, I saw little talk of "not in my backyard" or movement toward limiting town access to the tax revenue stream and potential benefits. 

Instead, I saw thoughtful debate on the planning needed to get critical analysis, how best to get there, and an informed voter base, both pro and con. Those to be commended were the people of Andover for their lively debate, a fair forum moderator, and Selectman Bob Landry for his principled resistance to the initial allure of seemingly easy money and for injecting some reality into the discussion of needing a coherent path forward. 

The unlikely hero was Sal Lupoli, who showed great business acumen, patience, and a desire to color inside the lines with Andover residents on a successful outcome. I say that despite the fact that I was in the line to speak on the con side of the zoning issue and against 57. I'm cautiously optimistic.

John Sheehan 

104 Dascomb Road



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