Editor, Townsman:

Is this how we want to be represented in Washington?

The Eagle-Tribune dedicated its first OpEd of 2020 to Ms. Trahan's 2018 campaign finance mess, the worst in Massachusetts election history. The Boston Globe has run front-page articles on her constantly changing story about the source of a $300,000 loan to her campaign. The bipartisan Office of Congressional Ethics investigated and then voted 5-0 that she likely broke the law in getting elected, and recommended further inquiry. Rep. Trahan refused to cooperate with that investigation of an earlier one by the Federal Election Commission. Instead she spent over $150,000 to denounce the OCE, which was founded by the grassroots pro-democracy group Common Cause.

For nine months, she told voters that campaign loans came from her earnings as a consultant — until the OCE found they actually came from her husband. Then she wrote an OpEd to "set the record straight.'' That is, let me change my story. Again.

This is our representative to Congress — non-cooperative, combative, non-transparent. This kind of thing never happened to Niki or Paul Tsongas or Marty Meehan.

In Florida, Republican Rep. Spano won a close 2018 election. Then in November, the Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation into illegal loans he received, a smaller amount than Trahan's loans. He won by a 6% margin. She won by 0.1%. Should the DOJ investigate Trahan?

Please join me in requesting an investigation by the DOJ, Boston District, Mr. Andrew Lelling, Esq. at the Moakley Building in Boston. When it becomes okay to win an election by cheating, voters don't just lose their vote. They lose their democracy.




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