Editor, Townsman:

Almost the entire world is immersed in a war against a micro-organism acting as a leviathan threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. During these critical times, we look to our local, state and national leaders for guidance and accurate information in order to form a unified effort to defend ourselves and preserve our most sacred ways of living.

Among the leaders whom I saw on television or read about in the newspaper, only one stands out as acting incompatibly with fact, uncaring about the truth, while having the gall to politicize the virus as a democrat hoax. Only one leader seems to have been obfuscating and blundering the facts out of concern for his own political legacy and electability. Only one leader continues to demonize the press, while at the same time relies on it to dispense accurate information. Only one leader chose to hoard serious timely information concerning China’s battle with coronavirus and the urgent measures we needed to put in place to avoid mass infections and a downturn in the economy. I believe my neighbor summed up this situation nicely: “Elect a clown, expect a circus.”






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