Editor, Townsman,

While researching private schools, I came across Fusion Academy and decided to visit their Andover location. I had the opportunity to talk with the staff and learn about their mission, curriculum development and administration policies. It was evident that the entire experience offered is of high caliber while maintaining traditional criteria. Fusion Academy appears to have mastered superb quality expansive learning for students.

I am writing because I have been informed that their status as a school is being held back. I have inquired as to what items are being questioned and found the accusations to be without merit.

With 55 successful schools established, offering an optimal traditional education platform, I believe that our Andover children also need to have opportunities to study and learn in an enriched environment. I believe that Fusion offers this opportunity to students in an efficient manner without compromising educational content.

Therefore, I would request if possible, that the town of Andover take a second look at the intention behind a decision to hold back an opportunity to provide a quality education for those that choose and have the means to do so.

Dr. Susan Taylor




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