Editor, Townsman:

Climate change is already upon us. Because of our addiction to fossil fuels — and our national and state politicians’ inability to act to curb it — heatwaves, floods and natural disasters are the new normal across the globe. The Merrimack Valley has been hit by historic rain and heat over the past six months.

Coming to terms with the reality of climate change is both scary and paralyzing. That humans have perhaps irreparably altered the Earth — to the point verging on widespread uninhabitability — is a story line long relegated to the pages of science fiction novels. But not anymore.

The good news is that there is still time to prevent the worst of climate change. Now is the time for us to meet this crisis head on. This is not the next generation’s problem – it’s ours. It is time to fundamentally alter our daily lives.

I’ve spent the last few months organizing with the Sunrise Movement and have learned that there are many ways to plug into the struggle for climate justice. We need more individuals to write letters to the editor, call state legislators, donate money and show up for protest.

On Sept. 20, there will be an historic global Climate Strike. Millions will gather across the globe to demand action. In Boston, we will gather at City Hall Plaza at 11 a.m.

If you want to take the first step towards a better future, join me at the strike. For a crisis this dangerous, we need all hands on deck.





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