Editor, Townsman:

On Tuesday, March 24, Andover will hold its local elections. Voters will have the opportunity to cast one vote for the School Committee and one vote for the Select Board. Two candidates have distinguished themselves in their races: Please join me in voting for Laura Gregory for Select Board and Lauren Conoscenti for School Committee.

I look forward to continuing to work with Laura Gregory, the current chair of the Andover Select Board, who is running for re-election. Laura has worked tirelessly for our community. During her three years on the board, she has demonstrated the leadership that created a respectful and collaborative working environment, ensuring that the board could move forward together and focus on resolving our most pressing issues. She also spearheaded the name change to Select Board to more accurately reflect the composition of the board, and moved environmental, climate, and sustainability issues to the forefront. Re-electing Laura will allow my office to continue our strong partnership with her in representing Andover’s interests on Beacon Hill.

An inclusive and strong school district is critical to the vitality of our communities. It is important to me that a candidate not only shares this value, but that they have demonstrated leadership in and commitment to Andover. Lauren, a mother of two South Elementary students and a data scientist in higher education, is that candidate. We share a commitment to making public education accessible to all and working collaboratively to ensure that our schools are well funded. Furthermore, Lauren is an enthusiastic volunteer in her children’s schools and in local organizations, such as ABC House, Girl Scouts, and the Andover Community Garden. She has gained respect through her hard work and her ability to connect with many different groups in town. I look forward to working with her to bring positive, sustainable change to Andover.

Vote for Lauren and Laura on March 24, 2020!


18th Essex District




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