Editor, Townsman:

The recent columns by Chris Dempsey and others in the Townsman are deceptive and misleading. The program this coalition supports wants to drive everyone into buying more expensive, less convenient electric cars. (Yes, they are less convenient because it can take hours to recharge the batteries for the next 200 miles, while it takes five minutes to fill your gas tank for another 200 miles). And the cheapest electrics cost more than $30,000.

Since no one except virtue-signaling rich people buy electrics now, the only way to force the rest of us to buy them is to drive the price of gas up above $4 per gallon again. Remember how painful that was? Well, that nightmare will be coming back. They are going to add a tax to transportation fuel (gas) that will bump the price at the pump. At first it will be small. Then they will sneak it up to a dollar or two per gallon so that the price at the pump is $4 or higher as they ratchet up the climate change scare tactics. (Frankly after the early cold and snow this fall, I would welcome some global warming). All the taxes collected will be pumped into monster public transportation projects such as the MBTA, which still can’t run reliably after years of monster investments. Do we really want to give $18 billion more to people who can’t make the current system run right?

But guess who will get hurt by all this climate justice baloney? Poor, middle class and young people as usual! When they have to pay $50 to $100 to fill up, they’ll have to cut back on eating out, buying better food, taking a ride to the beach, going up to the the lakes or going on vacation. But the virtue-signaling rich people behind this plan won’t have to worry about any cutbacks or taking the T as they drive by in their Tesla cyber trucks. They can pat themselves on the back.





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