Editor, Townsman:

I have refrained from commenting on the bizarre impeachment proceedings simply because they will do nothing but insure the re-election of President Trump, who has proven to be one of the most prodigious presidents ever to inhabit the White House.

I knew he would bring the kind of changes necessary to save our faltering economy and social structure. In less than three years, he has restored faith in our free enterprise system, dignity and strength to our military and law enforcement institutions, stability and prosperity to all sectors of our law-abiding citizenry. With nothing but opposition and unprecedented resistance from opposing parties and previous administration’s “deep state” bureaucratic holdovers, he has shepherded in soaring market increases, never-before-seen levels of employment for all minority groups and a robust growth in business opportunities that benefit us all … no one has been left out or left behind. The American Dream has been renewed for all citizens who respect our Constitution and its inherent “rule of law.''

Impeachment is a very serious provision in the U.S. Constitution that allows for the removal of any government official who engages in any of four serious crimes: treason, bribery, “high crimes” and “high misdemeanors.” Bill Clinton did many terrible things for which he should have been voted out of office but he should not have been impeached for lying about having sex with an intern in the Oval Office. In his case, the Senate rightfully did not vote to remove him from office. On the other hand, what Nixon did involving the Watergate scandal would have warranted his impeachment and removal by the Senate. Fortunately he had the good sense to resign.

Going forward, we cannot allow impeachment to be the remedy anytime an opposing party does not like the outcome of an election. More importantly, any individuals who have conspired together to make fake accusations, put forth false evidence, or illegally use the investigative tools of government to defraud the American public regarding the actions or character of a duly elected president must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.





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