Editor, Townsman:

Even after a compelling, factual, truthful, emotional argument presented by the impeachment team that unambiguously cited President Donald Trump as the major culprit in inciting the Capitol riot; that the U.S. Constitution literally grants the Senate the power to adjudicate, convict and disqualify in all cases of impeachment; and that there is no “January exemption” afforded to the president allowing him to commit high crimes and misdemeanors at the end of his term, 44 Senate Republicans still voted to stop the trial.

Without any substantive argument from Trump’s defense team alleging the unconstitutionality of holding the impeachment trial of a former president, we witnessed members of Congress brazenly violate their solemn and sacred oath to uphold the Constitution and protect all American people from present and future tyrants.

Trump was not the only one on trial, our democracy was.

The majority of Republicans have attempted to shatter the constitutional principle of three coequal branches of government and instead confer the chief executive with far-reaching powers and unquestionable immunity to checks and balances.

Their blind partisanship, solid allegiance to a nefarious demagogue and unrelenting attacks on the integrity of our elections and constitutional procedures are unequivocally a desecration of our democracy on par with the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

This impeachment trial beckons to be classified as another mysterious "X file" where "the truth is out there." For many, the search for truth perished and instead was resuscitated in an aberrant worship of fallacy.

William Kolbe



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