Editor, Townsman:

I met a stranger recently, and it was both disorienting and wonderful, after so many months of only seeing the faces of those I already know well. What a blessing to meet and have a conversation with someone new, to influence and be influenced by someone else.

It was a reminder of yet another thing that 2020 has changed: our ability to meet and form community.

Without the normal work, school and social events, we are left to find community in our phones and social media accounts which, let us all admit, is a thin substitute at best.

I reflect that there is one place I consistently find community in others -- church.

So, I have an invitation: Come to church. No real preference which one. This is not a specific advertisement but an honest-to-goodness invitation. There are 16 churches in Andover (or so says Google).

Check one out and see if it’s the right fit for you to find a community that welcomes you.

A church is at its root a gathering place, a place that welcomes us and pushes us to become better versions of ourselves.

Give it a try: Come to church.

Besides, what else have you got going on?

David Strong



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