Editor, Townsman:

My children had the benefit of starting their elementary education at Shawsheen Elementary School and completing their final three years at West Elementary. While the education and commitment of the teachers was excellent, the buildings were grossly inefficient and substandard for current learning environments.

Over the years, we have put Band-Aid solutions onto both West El and Shawsheen to keep the buildings operational for our children. The problems are still there, we just continue to cover them up in hopes that they will go away.

With Andover’s acceptance into the Massachusetts School Building Authority's grant program for school building construction, we now have the opportunity to create a permanent solution for two schools by building a West Elementary and Shawsheen Preschool academic campus on the site of the current West El.

While my kids will both be at the high school next year, I feel it is our collective responsibility to support a new elementary/preschool for our community. Our children are our greatest assets, and it is our job and responsibility to give them a strong educational foundation in which to grow and become productive citizens in our community.

The benefits of this new building will extend well beyond my time in Andover, and for that I am proud. As a community, we should all feel good knowing that we are helping create a legacy of learning that will impact future generations of Andover students.

I hope your readers will join me on June 5 and June 15 in supporting this worthwhile investment in our children.

Jennifer Srivastava



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