Editor, Townsman:

Bill Fahey changed my life. I’ve known him since I was about 8 years old, and since then he has been an unbelievably amazing and positive influence for me.

When I started a non-profit last year to support the community of Black, indigenous and people of color of the Merrimack Valley, he was the only town official who supported us.

He even put up with backlash and abuse from the Andover community for having signs in front of Cormier Youth Center supporting and educating about police brutality and highlighting the ways in which some BIPOC have died at the hands of police.

I don’t know many other people who work for the town who would do that.

The town of Andover has been less than supportive toward my non-profit, and losing one of the few people who work for the town not afraid to speak up about injustice is a massive loss for the town, but especially for the BIPOC community living and working in Andover.

Elizabeth Walther-Grant



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