Editor, Townsman:

On the firing of Bill Fahey from the position of director of youth services: As a former Andover Youth Services kid turned AYS colleague turned AYS advocate, I am shocked and disgusted by the move of the town to remove one of our most valuable community pillars, especially in the wake of a pandemic where our kids need stability and togetherness more than ever.

Fahey has skillfully guided his staff for two decades to help support and mentor thousands of grateful children, and he has the backing of hundreds of families who have benefitted from his work.

He is known nationally and internationally for his social work and is truly one of our town's most precious resources. His termination is appalling, to say the least.

Furthermore, as a recurring mindfulness and social emotional teacher within the Andover school system, I can professionally say that the removal of Fahey from his office is tone-deaf to the current emotional needs of our children in this stressful climate. It signals a desire to fulfill a long-standing vendetta against a town employee who has had to, time and again, fight for his right to devoutly serve our community against the higher powers who've unsuccessfully sought to control him.

Make no mistake, this move was not in the best interest of our community, and no care was given to the possible damaging repercussions to our children.

This was a power play to rid the ranks of a long-standing “nuisance,” and we should not stand for it.

Seth Monk



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