Editor, Townsman:

I am writing to ask for your support to re-elect Annie Gilbert to the Select Board. I have known Gilbert for many years and have always been impressed by her integrity, intelligence, collaboration and strong sense of public service.

Three years ago, when she was elected for the first time, I was excited because I knew this was a tremendous opportunity for Andover.

Gilbert is the right person to continue to work with her colleagues to move Andover forward and to navigate these challenging times.

No one could never have imagined the extreme issues that we would all face these past few years. Through these unprecedented crises, the Columbia Gas explosions and the COVID-19 pandemic, Gilbert has been an integral part of the force which has helped to heal the community while working positively toward achieving its goals and priorities.

She has been a strong member of the team that worked with management to finally move forward with the construction of a new fire station and the long-awaited Senior Center project.

In terms of healing the community, Gilbert has been a strong voice for the establishment of Andover’s Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion which, hopefully, will start working with all residents on issues related to race and inequality.

All these things make our community a stronger and more welcoming place to live, and she is who we need to make sure things continue.

I hope your readers will join me in voting for Annie Gilbert for the Select Board on Tuesday, March 23.

She is a solid, focused member of the board who has proven, through her actions, that she works tirelessly for all residents in Andover.

Diane Costagliola



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