Editor, Townsman:

I am so honored that my teaching career began at West Elementary School in 2018. I feel incredibly lucky to be in a school where the administration puts its trust in me to instruct students in the best way possible, without hovering over me or telling me how things should be done.

This trust to teach in my own special way is unique to the community at West El. In these past three years, I have taken lessons to the next level with my own creativity and ideas that facilitate a love for learning among students.

While I feel like the limit does not exist in terms of actually being allowed to stray from the curriculum and steer things in a more creative direction, there is a limit with actually carrying out these ideas due to the outdated, restricted and poor conditions at West Elementary.

Many of my ideas stretch beyond the four walls of our classroom. Second graders are curious, enthusiastic, talkative and constantly moving. Being confined to one space all day long makes students very antsy.

Common areas and pull-out spaces for students to collaborate would not only give them a fresh, new environment to be in, it would give them the freedom to choose a new space to work in responsibly.

During subjects like math, writing and reading, one-on-one and small-group instruction is part of our daily routine.

Pulling students to a table that is a few feet away from the exciting commotion in the room is distracting not only for students but for the teacher, too. Pull-out spaces would enhance the learning experience in those small groups drastically.

While I am proud of my accomplishments as a teacher these past three years, knowing that a new building is on the forefront has made me imagine all of the positive changes that could be made for future students.

I have already envisioned how my various subjects and lessons could be transformed to captivate students even more. The West and Shawsheen community would greatly appreciate support with this project.

Jackie Dziadosz

Grade 2 teacher

West Elementary


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