Editor, Townsman:

A YouGov poll conducted on Wednesday, Jan. 6, indicated about 45% of Republican voters approved of the insurrection in Washington.

The Republican lawmakers who ultimately voted not to certify the election results, alongside the insurrectionists who are now among their constituents, and their right-wing media allies spouting lies and conspiracy theories, helped create this monstrous debacle for personal gain and have displayed a complete disregard for its consequences on our democracy.

Our country now harbors a substantial body of Republican voters who are increasingly reticent to cooperate in democratic politics, who unabashedly reject truth and science, and who prefer a form of tyrannical autocratic rule.

President Donald Trump, by far the most destructive demagogue in American history, has effectively ushered in a form of mob rule for Republican politicians and their supporters with carte blanche to overturn any election not of their liking.

This insurrection had been brewing for years as Republicans had consistently thwarted any attempt to hold Trump accountable for his gross violations of the Constitution and his rampant attacks on those calling him out for his lawlessness and perversion of our democracy.

Unless Trump is either impeached or immediately removed from office per the 25th Amendment, then our democracy appears to our greater citizenry and the world as an enfeebled form of government infected by hypocrisy and destined to relive the horrifying events witnessed a week ago Wednesday.

William Kolbe



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