Editor, Townsman:

As a parent of a West Elementary fourth-grader, I am invested in our schools being the very best they can be. But for schools to be the very best, their leaders need to listen and be responsive to their constituents.

Over the last three years, School Committee member Tracey Spruce has impressed me with her willingness to hear not just the good but to listen intently about what we could be doing better and take action to improve.

I am delighted that she is running for reelection to the School Committee, as I believe that we need leaders like her now more than ever.

Spruce has a remarkable way of connecting with people. She is genuine, easy to talk to and can communicate with people from a diversity of backgrounds with empathy and understanding.

Her willingness to speak with residents, hear their concerns and make careful decisions on a wide range of topics -- from school safety to student mental health to issues of equity and inclusion -- demonstrate that she takes this role seriously and carefully.

In a district where community conversations around school issues can be passionate, Spruce is a calm, balanced, observant and honest voice for even the most emotional of topics.

As we face big decisions in an unpredictable time, I believe that Spruce's ability to engage the public thoughtfully will be pivotal in helping make the right choices for our schools.

I am asking Andover's voters to join me in supporting Tracey Spruce on March 23.

Elizabeth Buckley



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