Editor, Townsman:

Andover recently lost four women who were dear to my heart:

Rusty Dunbar was a smart, contributing Andover resident with a terrific sense of humor. She was a joy to be around and one of those people who improved Andover on many levels, from our wonderful library to our town finances.

Sarah Warren was an important asset to Phillips Academy for several years, as a faculty member, coach and dorm administrator. Sarah was my definition of a true lady: intelligent, kind and a pleasure to be with.

Angelika Amon was a neighbor, friend and brilliant scientist. The Globe wrote a large story about Dr. Amon’s many achievements and awards in science and cancer research, from The National Academy of Science to the Carnegie Corporation. I learned so much from Angelika, and I will dearly miss her.

Kathy Hess was a caring friend who was a leader in Early Childhood Education. Many young people today have Kathy to thank for their rewarding early experiences in school. Several Andover organizations were enriched by Kathy’s dedicated volunteerism. It was always a fun challenge to get in the last word when Kathy was present.

Sue Tucker



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